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Mallorca International Football Cup
Mallorca International Football Cup
30 de December de 2021
Mallorca International Football Cup

The “Vicente Del Bosque Football Academy” presents the proposal for the organisation of the sporting event “Mallorca International Football Cup” from 28 June to 2 July 2022.

Mallorca International Football Cup“, beyond its sporting content, aims to be a meeting point for young people, boys and girls, from all continents, Spain, Mallorca and the other islands of the Balearic Islands, to enjoy an extraordinary destination and to promote, above all, the VALUESthat should mark the present and the future of their lives and of our society.

We want them to meet, discover and get to know a unique destination such as MALLORCA, full of extraordinary proposals such as our history, culture, landscape, climate, entertainment, gastronomy, etc… as well as sports facilities that should be at the first international level. The possibilities offered by our Community in terms of travel facilities, with an international airport linked to the whole world and with direct flights connecting us with the most important European capitals, as well as the facilities for travelling by boat, make Mallorca an attractive and convenient destination for everyone. In the same way, the hotel, transport and catering infrastructure, the excursion and leisure programmes around the island will ensure that the athletes and their families can enjoy an unforgettable stay.

To this we must add the particular attractions of the city of PALMA and the municipality of CALVIÀ where the event will be held. It is intended that, in the most emblematic places, the programme’s activities can be held, among them the Conference Vicente Del Bosque and the Mallorca Cup Gala for authorities, collaborators and representatives of the participating teams to be held on Thursday 30th June in the afternoon – evening with the presentation of the Vicente Del Bosque “Values of Sport” Award. The following day, the Mallorca Cup Party for all participating players and teams with the multi-games & DJ area, the closing dinner and the parade of the teams on Friday 1st July in the evening. Finally, on Saturday 2nd July, the Mallorca Cup Finals will bring the event to a close.

Because this is as important an issue as the sporting activity itself. The young participants, boys and girls, will undoubtedly be accompanied by their families who will take advantage of this event to spend a few days of holidays in our city and on our island. This fact considerably multiplies the number of travellers who will visit us and get to know our land, transferring the sensations and experiences lived here in their countries and sporting and social environments of origin.

Finally, remember that this is intended to be a TOURNAMENT OF VALUES where Solidarity, Integration, Education, Respect and other important values are far above the sporting qualities or the result of the competition. For this reason, the “1st VICENTE DEL BOSQUE AWARD” will be established to highlight the team that has shown to practice these values, in the same way that the “Vicente Del Bosque Academy” received the UNICEF AWARD 2019. It should be remembered that Mr. Vicente Del Bosque, through the Academy’s projects, has among his social functions those of awarding sports scholarships for families at risk of social exclusion or with lower economic resources so that they can participate in the Academy’s programmes, helping third world countries to receive training and sports equipment, and he also stands out as an ambassador for the Down’s Syndrome Foundation in Spain.

Therefore, together with the present document presenting the exciting present and future event “Mallorca International Football Cup” that will allow us to carry out the PROGRAMME of SOCIAL EVENTS and the PROGRAMME of the COMPETITION and that will help us to achieve the stated objectives, we encourage you to participate.

Live the experience!

Mallorca International Football Cup
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